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Hai this is my deviantations that I make by my paint program or by my hand on Notebook paper ^.^ Enjoy it as you cannn! :3 For the literature stuff, I probably make it on the computer or have a rough draft of it written on paper then type it up ^.^ I LOVEE writing and drawing 8D



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Hai, it's been three months or so since I made a journal entry! 8D

I've been writing, writing, and writing.

A lot.

And being an Wattpad Moderator on the Fan Fiction forum, too! :D

A lot has happened; such as watching the new RID cartoon, writing a lot of pages for a 13 chaptered Loki fanfic called  "2 kids + Loki = Madness", getting ideas for a SteelJaw fanfic (that I would only post on Wattpad when I get it done and made), watching my stories go higher in the thousands range, and being a fanfic writer in general. Life's been pretty good for me in a nutshell.

My last day for high school is May 14th.

I graduate on May 24th at 3:00 PM.

Writing '2 kids + Loki = madness' has been fun and I've explored the realm of humor--well, its a figure of speech--writing it. WAIT, DID I JUST FORGET ABOUT TOM ROADSIDE'S FATE IN THE STORY? SNAP...Hmm...I gotta figure a way to make his part in it relevant to this chapter I may work him into. I also have this possible sequel idea because I have a good idea what happens in the end of the story and it sound unique but I am really worried about sequel flop so I am in the middle.

No I ain't telling what's my good rough draft idea of what happens in the ending.

That would be considered spoiling.

Tom Roadside, a character in the story, is probably what you can call 'insane' or 'crazy' because of some unknown reasons in his life and a event that made him snap that happended in one of the chapters. I also have to figure out how to mention Lewis's fate, too!  I gotta figure this thing out because...Urgh sequel-flop-fear-and-cliffhanger-fear-for-sequel. I want to make it a stand alone  (as I intend for it to be) so I won't have to make a slagging sequel.

So I am in the works of trying to make the story seem it can stand on it's own without needing a sequel.

The story was requested by a fan of mine on Quotev "The white dove" asking me to do more Loki fanfics such as   "A Loki fanfic where Loki is responsbile taking care of a child". So now I am here in the middle of a confusing fork in the road trying to figure out how to make it go together nicely.I know that I will reread this journal entry in the future with knowledge on HOW I  solved that problem. Dang future me I am jealous of you! You already know the answer to solving it. Couldn't you come back and told me how to do it? Oh right that would make several other different events happen and the event that lead future me to the past would never had happened at all.

Dang time travel rules.

I still draw and write.

Have a good day my watchers or what-ever-the-slag people-who--follow-me-on-here-are-suppose-to-be-called. ^.^


Speedygal's Profile Picture
Ivy Brooke Bell
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a writer and Artist by heart, I started to do both of these hobbies a week before Valentines day on 09 and one month after I had joined Da under the username 'Speedywomen'.
I love to make artwork, so I even enjoy making Youtube videos.
Quotes: "When lifes a dazzle, you merely get bored and want to make some excitement.right? Because I do."-Ivy Bell, her random mind. "Not everything is black and white; some demons are friendly." -Ivy Bell, doing a reference to Angel.
Ben x Sari stamp by oOAscendOo TFA Stamp by suzidragonlady Litleo Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
I am also on Formspring as Speedywommaaan! -->

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